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Spread over a vast area in the heart of the capital's cultural arena and with seating capacity of 300 people, the auditorium is on impressive structure.

The outstanding feature of the auditorium is the stage. it is large by any standards and ideal for all kinds of presentations, ranging from plays, ballets, to group and solo performances. For a super quick change of scene and sets the auditorium is equipped with a "flying" System. There are 6 pipes connected by pulleys and counterweights that span the length and the depth of the stage and can operate 6 curtains and scene sets simultaneously.
The auditorium is equipped with the latest in sound technology from M/s Bose Corporation. The speakers which are world class are placed just above the stage. Use of corrugated plywood and plaster of Paris eliminates reverberations and provides the best in acoustics.

The control room which is directly above the balcony gives a frontal view of the stage. Tecnia Auditorium has the best in light technology and is under regular advice from the lighting expert. We at Tecnia Auditorium believes in constantly upgrading its technology.

A mobile communication system enables the stage and other personnel to intercommunicate. The system peripherals are placed in critical positions such as; behind the wings, in the foyers and the control room. This facilitates communication between the performers and the Tecnia Auditorium personnel.

Special care has been taken of the seating and viewing comfort of the audience. The hall has been specially designed with a slope towards the stage that enables the audience to enjoy the performance without any physical obstruction. Tecnia Auditorium takes special care in client management and is fully equipped with client handling.