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Vision & Mission
Education today is global in perspective and practice. Teachers and students have to keep themselves abreast of international developments in their own area of specialization, as well as in related fields. It is therefore, imperative that educational institution should have access to global contacts. The institute of learning must run according to the tenets of modern scientific management as the business corporations are managed. The institute has come into existence with an aim to emerge as one of India’s leading educational institutes in the field of teacher education. The Institute cherishes the dreams of teacher-trainees and the society in particular and is reputed for providing quality education in the field humanities and the basic sciences. The academic life is rigorous and designed to lay a firm conceptual foundation and provide professional expertise necessary for adapting to the challenging work place.
The Institute has as its backbone of excellent infrastructure; the teaching laboratories and general facilities are amongst the best in the India. The faculty is distinguished and the support staff dedicated. The teaching-learning programmes are marked with personal mentoring; pupil teachers are encouraged work in collaborative teams and learn from peers. The emphasis is on innovative teaching strategies that provide experiential learning through project work, field work and case studies. The Institute conducts 2 Yrs. Diploma for Elementary Teacher Education (ETE) and Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE) recognized by SCERT and M.L.I.S, M.A. (E.du.), P.G.D.L.A.N, B.Ed., B.L.I.S, D.E.C.E, C.E.T.E, C.T.E, D.C.E, C.F.E from IGNOU.
We strive to develop in each student a positive attitude towards teaching profession, positive self concept and an enthusiasm for self learning. The Institute’s pedagogy includes variety of learning opportunity for students and teacher. Practical aspect of training the teachers is emphasized and taken care of special attention is paid to foster among its faculty and students a feeling of empathy, charity and a sense of discipline. Continuous improvement and development is our motto. The Institute emphasizes to create through educational training qualitative educators for educating the emerging generations.
Mr. R. K. Gupta
Tecnia Group of Institutions