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The Institute Psychology Lab has standard apparatus to perform the experiments related to Educational Psychology i.e. Intelligence Test, Personality Test, Achievement Motivation Test, Teaching Aptitude Test, Verbal Test of Scientific Creativity, Interest Test etc to help the public teachers to understand the needs of learner as individuals and as member of class room to create an awareness of the approaches and strategies concerned.
Apparatus for simple experiments related to Educational Psychology PSYCHOLOGICAL LAB MATERIAL
Intelligence Tests (performance, non-verbal and verbal)
Hindi achievement test
Intelligence Tests performance – Bhatia
Science achievement test
Teaching Aptitude Test – Singh
Personality inventory
Verbal Test of Creative Thinking (TCW) – Baqer Mehdi
Group test of intelligence
Non-Verbal Test of Creative Thinking (TCF) – Baqer Mehdi
Case study blank
Dimensional Personality Inventory – Mahesh Bhargava
Performance intelligence test
Educational Interest Record – S. P. Kulshrestha
D.O. Mohan achievement motivation test
Short Term Memory Test
Introversion Inventory
Teacher Attitude Inventory – S. P. Ahluwalia
Verbal test of creative thinking
Scientific Attitude Test – K. K. Agarwal
Vocational interest record
Verbal Intelligence Test – R K. Ojha
Teaching aptitude test battery
Indian modification of the thematic appreciation test
Achievement motivation tests by V.B. Bhargava
Case study technical
Teaching Apptitute test by Surender S. Dahiya
Photographs of eminent scientist
Verbal test of scientific creativity by V.P. Sharma and J.P. Shukla
Intelligence Tests (non-verbal) – A.O. Imtisungba